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January 20, 2020, 7:40 am






Stephen your my new dad AND MUM I'm gonna do your nails The Malory and Adam Noooooooooo Stephen Mummy taught me how, wait no it was DADDY. “lets grab some of these tracking bullets” takes all but one. Id like to point out he had no ammo.

Hey guys! Who here believes Big Foot is real. Cause he's out there

I just watched the first episode.  Ok if Justin claims that he shot and killed two of them why didn't he take a photo if he was able to or at least taken a clump of hair or something or tried to collect some blood from the bullet wound or if he had a knife, taken a skin sample.  If i was in that situation, getting some sort of proof would be the first thing on my mind. Lankan:Oh crap Im trapped Middle of screen: open door. For all of the real field researchers, I for one wish to make apologies for this pseudo-reality show that hurts more then it helps in the true search.

And he can do the knock 😂 without the tree 😃 how long do you practice that clever skill 😅 very hillbilly 👍 Ok Didn't find him 😳 try looking for the Tooth fairy now. BUT DON'T SHOOT HIM. When you found the dead body I saw a house on fire. I think in the first rour there was someone yelling Like if you agree 👇🏻.

THE END. You're my new daaaad. And mom. Best part. I can't wait for this, finally something creative from the film industry. You're my new dad. and mom. Lol! Also this is my first comment on a studio c vid! I would explode from happiness if a cast member commented. OOF soo real in the movie i thought it was real.

Pass me a drink to settle my nerves-is Bigfoot son of Kong

Dough sold another camp. What is walking behind him up hill at 2:51 on the right side of the scree? can some one tell me. Sorry not trying to down your video. But this guy is horrible I do hope something is done about this. I seen it shot it and the child bigfoot or bear but this child he shot rolled down the hill and hit his boot so I stepped on his throat with my boot to help the process go faster. Unreal unreal un-freaking real. Disturbing as it is that he killed this poor baby makes me sick. This should be done to him. Like I said I'm sorry to complain but very upsetting. I'm sure it is a beautiful area, the camp area FOOD MMM looked amazing. Glad you had a safe and good time. If Russell's a bloody legend like this comment.

The CGI is so lame dudes. WHY DIDN'T HE RECORD IT, ONE OF THEM SHOULD OF HAD A PHONE RIGHT, AT LEAST ONE PHONE ? IT FEELS LIKE THEY ARE MAKING IT UP, REMEMBER KARMA. I wish I was there. If me and that killer of bigfoot was out in the woods I'd be the only one coming out.