January 7, 2020, 4:02 am

North Korea: Inside the Hermit Kingdom



Everything looks like it's from my grandmas house. The screaming made me die. Speedy Gonzalez, lol. Im heartbroken that North Koreans have never heard hip hop 💔. Am I supposed to be pronouncing Korea Ko-rear. The Fish should go and save Tea Girl. 17:35 xD. I wonder how tea girl's doing. 3:26 Donny from Wolf of Wall Street.

Usual press making ups stories

Notice how there in America did anyone know or Learn the mental illness of North Korean people they mess with AMERICAN People Tylone Advil Ibuprofen and people have died from over the counter medicine please study there culture just because they have money does not mean there sane Forginers who are attached to poisoning people need to be addressed for everyone s Safety. High school student in north korea: Hey we got one visitor today. Sigh! starting full parade.