January 4, 2020, 12:07 pm





7:03 isnt that the guy from iron chef. BBC, I'm going to have a heart attack if you continue like this. This day was an explosion of enthusiasm beyond anything I've ever seen! Doctor Who new comic book, Doctor Who in Lego, Doctor Who trailer, now this! I'm not prepared for the rest of this year after September starts. Aaliyah was so fine. Aaliyah - try again.


So underrated film. OH MY GOD. Paid in full shouldve been on here! Its one of the best Hood movies ever made! Top 5 for sure. not to mention its a true story. Yeah thats right keep barking homie haha. Jesus christ i am so happy to see new video about sherlock again even though this is just a one minute thing... King of New York or Blue Hill Ave or Bout it. 5:54 Like a BOSS. My left hear enjoyed this. Aaliyah was tooo pretty.


“Heres the deal meatball. You let me go, and I let you live.” HAHAHAHA. Surprised no ones seen Snow On Tha Bluff It's really good. RIP Aaliyah. Watching a brillient tv series Cradle to grave They have one of those telly's with a ITV2 button. Futuristic for 1976 The Mod Con of latest state of the art Phillips Colour Television set!☺.