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Saving up my ip for this new champ! sick. radical man. Watch Stream Once I Was a championnat du monde. Is this game even alive. Riot should make another branch called Riot Animation Studio. Holy this still gives me the chills I love it. if this was a trailer to some movie, I'd totally watch it. Watch stream once i was a champion video. Watch stream once i was a champion 2. 0:35 I'm still trying to figure out who said this line, because it doesn't sound like DP... Watch Stream Once I Was a champion d'europe. Wow that's too bad. was that picture at the end the picture he was talking about? I can definitely say I learned a bit about the deserts. I've been to oceanside b4, near SD; I assume I'm envisioning the right place. R I P sir, rest well.


Cheal Sonnen. Keeping it classy...


Bas is an absolute star. 02/11/1971 Happy Birthday and RIP Evan Tanner, the MMA community still misses you. The video just stopped. Watch stream once i was a champion tv. #BringbackOrbb. Thanks for posting this. always great to hear wise words from a wise man. This is Stark Coyote and Lilinete, the Primera Espada. Atlee sneeze panna koode copy cat nu solluvainge. Ippo inthe tailer le ball um kaththi um ore frame kaaturainge! 1:46. Ipo ithu copy nu sollelam ah? 🤔. Next champion: transform into any champion u want in the game and have all their abilities. Watch Stream Once I Was a champion. How come most lion's den members somehow looked related. ken, frank and guy.

Record tod 👌👌👍👍.

Who is here today, after Creed 2 trailer came out

He is such a nice dude just imagine when that switch flips and he goes berserk. Bas is an awesome guy and a representative of what MMA is all about. Been playing FPS games since the 90s and I grew up on games like Quake and Doom. I am not a fan of what bethesda did with doom and wolfenstein gameplay wise,it was way too slow,clunky and casual compared to golden era arena FPS gameplay. Quake Champioons however is a differenct story. I went in highly sceptical,but I have to say as soon as I got acces to 1v1 match making and started laddering I was hooked and sold(even bought the champions pack,despite playing mostly ranger/scalebearer which are free. To me personaly this is probably the best FPS game to come out in the last several years,for the simple reason that I love 1v1 duel mode games(like RTS games and classic arena FPS)and QC is the only recent FPS game that has a good and enjoyable 1v1 experience(infact similarly to Q3 most of the map balancing/champion balancing is done with 1v1 pro meta in mind. It's sadly underated though,not a lot of people play it,wish it had more young blood flowing in.

@LayzieTheSavage love your highlight vids. In a way it's sort of amazing how a lot of the toughest and strongest guys we know today were picked on as kids. Were never the biggest kids in school. Chuck Norris. Dave Baltista, Many became pro fighters, WWE entertainers... The next movie should be called Creed 2: The Return Of Drago.






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