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January 20, 2020, 10:41 am



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*Victor Morts School for the Extraordinarily Gifted and Pure of Heart* was unlike any school Id ever been to. Or even heard of. Perhaps it was the fact that there were only twelve students; all of varying ages and levels of education. Or perhaps it was the unusual teaching methods; a focus on problem solving and lateral thinking, oftentimes months passing without anyone attending a conventional lesson. Or maybe it was the slang that some of the older students passed down to us, in the t.

Don't forget to follow us at the [r/Crimsonpill. and message me ASAP(limited availability) to add you to our facebook mastermind group, a safe and private place for you to express yourself. The best place to make friends and find wings. Disclaimer: I realized this set was going to be very long; it lasted for a whole day. Therefore, I thought I should break it up in two parts. Thereby, I can include all the juicy details without it being tedious to read...



Twelve Conversations
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