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January 14, 2020, 12:01 am


This is exactly what i wanted <3. Why you guys always live matt behind. The Mission. Everyone hated this movie when our theology teacher showed it. I was in love with the music from the first second. DAMNIT BENJY. Best music made by humans nothing is 100% correct but this music is. Not many films can be called a 'masterpiece' but 'The Mission can be. I've watched it 3 times and I'm in awe at the quality of acting of all those actors involved. The acting. the scenery. the REALISM is incredible. If yoiu have not watched it may I suggest that you search YouTube for 'The Mission. You can watch in full. Long live in memory William Wallace!one great national hero of Scotland,but don't forget his riches countrymates who always are the people was in the same side,the tru patriots.

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The Studio: So, what kinda stunts would you like to do for this movie, Tom? Tom Cruise: Yes. 1:01 let's be honest the music for this trailer is just. too good. He who controls the movies controls the world. The'MissIon'movie'123movies'english in, di, The,Mission. Every man in this movie, every man in the thousands of photographs. are all dead. May we never forget them and their sacrifices.

Saw it in theaters. Best documentary of all time. Hands down incredible. I left speechless

Cant believe Donald Glover sounded so smart lol. Trailer 10/10 The movie 11/10 Trailer is more than fantastic and a great movie is an mission impossible rogue nation much better than James Bond 'specter` movie.







The Mission.