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January 9, 2020, 2:09 am

Crime 7 Cases


These cases seems good,no full cover case. What a trash movie! the hero was so so weak. Those Sucknap Cases are so ripped off of the Magpul Cases, but then, as they don't make cases for that many phones, who cares? And they're a damn sight cheaper. I ordered one for my Sony L3 and was dead excited when it turned up, only to find that they'd sent the wrong a bummer. Still, I'm told the correct one is winging it's way to me, as I type! 😉👍.

I don't know why but the sound of the cases being taken out of plastic is so aggravating. Oooh, Tom Hardy and Victor Reznov, good combo. Also the novel is amazing. So, what's written in the title starts at 6:54. You're welcome. Those two holes where for a lanyard. Love the vid. Tech daily I have the s7 edge and i wonder if you can make me a video of the cheapest cases for the s7 edge.

Ladies and gentlemen mr Tom Hardy, the amazing actor.


Great video thanks. Thank you, this video was really helpful for me. I'm very lucky I'm Czech, which means I'm Slavic and we have cases too. I'm glad I learned this when I first started learning Polish, because all these rules would be pretty daunting and confusing to me now. One of the most confusing things for me was the biernik/accusative. Knowing where to use it is pretty easy to understand, but how to use it is pretty difficult. I believe these rules cover every type of accusative declension in Polish: 1. If the noun is grammatically female ending with 'a' the 'a' turns into 'ę' and the 'a' at the end of the agreeing adjective turns into 'ą. Widzę ładną dziewczynę 2. If the noun is grammatically female but doesn't end with 'a' the noun remains the same as the nominative form, but the agreeing adjective still changes its 'a' to 'ą. Bardzo lubię ciemną noc. 3. If the noun is grammatically neuter, grammatically male but inanimate, plural female, plural neuter or plural male inanimate, both the noun and adjective are identical to their nominative forms. Widzę bezchmurne niebo Widzę zmęczone dzieci Lubię polskie dziewczyny Budowałem mały dom Budowałem małe domy 4. If the noun is male and animate, including most animals, or in the plural a group of men or a mixed-gender group, the noun and its agreeing adjective takes the genitive form. Zauważyłem, że popełniłem błąd, gdy widziałem jej rozzłoszczonego męża Znam tych ludzi Kocham swojego psa If I've missed anything or made a mistake, please correct me.

I ordered one just like the clear one but it's by spigen. Clear cases are best in my opinion. i like to see my phone. Very useful video. Thanks.

Which has the best screen protection overall

I'm a simple woman, I see Tom Hardy I watch the movie. I might actually watch it if they just dropped the accent and said comrade at the end of every sentence. I read this book in 09, it was amazing story telling, I hope the movie does it justice. Thank god! There are no crappy american actors in the cast. 0:14 Am I the only one that can only hear Bane speaking.


What's with these dragons having similar names? First Draco, then Drake, and now Drago.