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Chapter Text. 憐香惜玉: lian xiang xi yu sympathize with / scent / pity / jade "Someone who feels protective towards women; a white knight." Guan Yinping wondered if it was day or night, and how long it had been that she had been in this cell. She had been imprisoned once before, but it had been quite a while ago, in the company of her brothers, and a number of other soldiers too.

Repeat Xu Bu Liao. Next, she steps back with the left foot and stabs downward to the left and circles the sword up, so the tip does a figure-8. She has shifted all her weight to the left and finishes this move stabbing down (xia ci) in xu bu (right empty stance-above. The next move, repeated twice, is also unfamiliar. Han Trainer English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary.




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10:18 anyone else notice the overwatch symbol

I love studying history and this just grabbed my attention so hard that I was crying that there's a movie like this. Mac Os Huai Dan Bi Xu si ça.



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