Guilty Except for Insanity Movie Online english subtitle HD No Sign Up Documentary

January 13, 2020, 5:52 am



This documentary about the legal, psychological and human cost of the insanity plea deserves a wide audience. Director Haaken challenges our stereotypes about the legal decision making linked to using the insanity defense, and, more importantly, the consequences of the reached verdict. She depicts life in mental institutions with a critical eye and thoughtful analysis of the prejudices about that life, and never reverts to simple didactic measures. Examining assumptions held by both conservative and progressive critics of the insanity plea, and comparing these assumptions to what is actually going on on the ground for those patients locked up, she gives the viewer plenty of opportunities to re-think his or her own beliefs. The film shines in its respect for the dignity of both its subjects and the subject matter. The deep probing of individual life stories and fates of the often charismatic inmates and staff provides emotional punches. The documentary does not offer easy solutions for complex problems, on either legal or psychological grounds but rather opens the topics for discussion. That makes is an ideal teaching tool for, for example, psychology & law classes, but also speaks to anyone interested in the problem associated with incarceration in mental state hospitals.