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Women~of~the~Bible~trailer 'download WOmen of. Women of the Bible See here. 10 Bible Women Deborah, warrior woman Activities    Text    Her world About Jael Ruth     People in her story Queen Esther married a fool Activities     Text     Her world New ideas for Esthers story Eve, great mother      Text Eve – the real story Wicked Jezebel Judith slays a tyrant Mary Magdalene     Text Activities       Magdalenes world What writers say about MM Mary, mother of Jesus Activities     Text      Marys world Rachel, the beloved      Text Extra ideas Activities       Rachels world Rahab the prostitute New ideas about Rahab Sarah, tribal princess       Text Questions What are ‘angels? Did Jesus marry Magdalene? Mary of Nazareth: the real woman Da Vinci Code: true or false? Abraham: was his story true? Was Moses really an Egyptian? Was the Tower of Babel real? What was the Covenant? Who was Abrahams God? Who was the God of Moses? Who was King Davids God? Bible Paintings Beautiful Angels Noah & the Flood Cain murders Abel The Madonna Mary of Nazareth Judith murders Holofernes Judith: Bible story Ruth & Naomi Rachel & her sister Leah Rebecca & Isaac Joseph & Potiphars wife Moses & Miriam Beautiful Esther More on Esther Hagar & Sarah Tamar seduces Judah Daily Life Adultery in the Bible Ancient jewels – royal bling! Childbirth in the ancient world Clothes for children Clothes – what people wore Clothes for rich & poor Clothes: the evidence Cooking Dogs in the Bible world Divorce in the Bible Family – who was the boss? Family, work, religion Farming in ancient times Food – what Bible people ate Kosher – clean & unclean foods Marriage: monogamy, polygamy Money & marriage: bride price Levirate Law protects the weak Major events Music in the ancient world Ancient musical instruments Work: what people did Slaves in the ancient world Cattle, goats, sheep, asses What was crucifixion? Circumcision in the Bible Marriage & family Virgins & maidens Monogamy? Polygamy? Weddings in the Bible Babies & children in the Bible Bible Top Ten Top 10 Bad Women Bad women: extra ideas Top 10 Bad Bible Men 10 Bible Heroes 10 Bible Heroines 10 Young People in the Bible 10 Princesses of Israel & Judah 10 Plagues of Egypt Top 10 Bible Movies Top 10 Bible Paintings Top 10 Christian Songs Top 10 Ideas: what is God? Top 10 Bible Kings Top 10 Bible Murders Top 10 Gospel Villains 10 Worst Sins in the Bible 10 Bible Warriors 10 Ways to Heaven 10 Ways to Hell Famous stories Bathsheba, Davids great love Deborah faces impossible odds Elizabeth, Marys cousin Queen Esther, beautiful, shrewd Jezebel, Bible  harlot Beautiful, deadly Judith Martha & Mary of Bethany Martha & Mary – new ideas Mary Magdalene: ex-prostitute? What writers say about Magdalene The real Mary of Nazareth Beautiful, tragic Rachel Ruth, a love story Tamar demands her rights Her family     Text     Her world Bible study ideas Who was …? Aaron, High Priest Adam, first man Cain & Abel The Good Samaritan Herod Agrippa: trapped Peter Herod Antipas: the fox King Herod the Great Jephtah: tragic warrior Judas: why did he do it? Nathan, Davids wise guide Samson, Bible strong man Saul, Israels tragic king Saul/Paul, passionate convert Ancient Buildings Temple, Jericho, Megiddo Solomons palace Fortress/palace of Masada Houses for rich & poor Ancient cities Tower of Babel Ancient palaces Tombs for the dead Catacombs for Christians Ancient technology Sacred Buildings Great temples Ark of the Covenant Solomons Temple Jerusalem Temple Tabernacle, Holy of Holies Ziggurats of Babylon Ancient worship Gods & Goddesses Ancient Sacrifices Human sacrifice Ancient Altars of Sacrifice Astrology & the Bible Astronomy in the Bible Ancient High Places Ancient Temples Aaron & the Golden Calf Lucky charms in the Bible Magic in the Bible Pagan idols in the Bible Casting Lots The Temple of Solomon The 2nd Temple of Jerusalem Jerusalem Temple – King Herod What did the Israelites believe? Witches & mediums Ziggurats of Babylon Wounded women Adulterous woman & Jesus Delilah – Samsons downfall! Bible study     Text     Her world Dinah, victim of male violence Eve, great mother of all Egyptian slave girl Hagar Jephtahs daughter sacrificed Study ideas Lonely, unloved Leah Levites concubine murdered The real Mary Magdalene Woman with an issue of blood Rules for menstruation      Text Potiphars lonely, lustful wife Bible text     Women in Egypt The Syro-Phoenician Mother Tamar gets justice from Judah Tamar/Judah – new ideas The Crippled Woman and Jesus Pilates Roman Wife Beersheba Dan Jerusalem before King David Solomons Jerusalem Jerusalem maps Bits & pieces List of women in the Bible Glossary, meanings of words Bible study activities Bible maps Bible history – is it true? Bible quiz – Old Testament Bible quiz – New Testament The Da Vinci Code Directory: the womens stories Bible women: Scripture texts A Bible woman for President? Movie quiz answers Bible Heroes Noah saves the earth Noah – Bible study ideas Noahs story: is it true? Abraham, father of his people Isaac: the scramble for power Jacob: a man searches for God Joseph of Egypt Baby Moses cast adrift Moses, leader, lawgiver, legend Moses & the Burning Bush Moses & the 10 Plagues Ehud murders Eglon King David Solomon, wise & foolish Joseph of Nazareth Peter, apostle of Jesus John the Baptist: prophet War in the Bible Ancient warfare Ideas/books about warfare Battle! Deborah & Sisera PsyWar: spooking the enemy Duels to the death What was the Trojan Horse? Ancient weapons Ancient shields Swords and daggers War chariots Helmets Davids deadly slingshot Armor in ancient wars Battering rams Bow & arrow Battle axes Pictures of axes Chariot horses Princesses Bathsheba took a chance People in Bathshebas story Scandalous Queen Berenice Herodias, wily mother of Salome Jerusha, ambitious mother Jezebel, the ‘painted hussy Queen of Sheba & Solomon Michal loved handsome David Text      Harem life      Her story Salome danced for Herod Salomes dangerous world Athaliah, queen of Judah Basemath & Taphath, sisters Maacah, forgotten princess Tamar, tragic rape victim Tamar: what writers say Maacah II, beloved wife, exile Rizpah, her sons murdered Princess Tamar, rape victim Naamah, woman of mystery Vashti, discarded queen Heroines Upwardly mobile Abigail Deborah & Jael, giant-killers Hannah, mistaken for a drunk Hannah – some new ideas Judith – deadly seductress! Mary Magdalene, apostle Activities     Gospels     Her world Jesus mother Mary of Nazareth Miriam, leader of women Miriams world     The text Miriams story – new ideas Naomi: how to get a husband Rachel, the beloved Far-sighted Rebecca Loyal, clever Ruth The Samaritan Woman Text      Ancient Samaria Unlikely Heroines Anna saw the Messiah Asenath of ancient Egypt Dorcas/Tabitha raised Elizabeth greeted the Messiah Bible study     Text     Her world Huldah, the prophetess Joanna saw the Resurrection Martha & Mary, sisters    Gospels Life in Bethany     Bible study New ideas Noahs patient wife Peters mother-in-law Pilates wife warns him Prisca/Priscilla Dorcas/Tabitha & Peter The widow who gave all The eerie Witch of Endor Zipporah circumcised her son The demon-woman Lilith Books of the Bible Book of Amos Book of Ecclesiastes Book of Genesis Book of Judith Book of Revelation Book of Tobit Book of Zephania Covenant with God Meditation, prayer How to meditate, pray Trust in God Belief in God Friendship Tough decisions For parents Getting up again When life is unfair Hope in God Parable of the seeds Science is  now saying what the Bible has said for thousands of years: that at the beginning of time there was a day without a yesterday….

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Wow you did such a great analytical job! I also watched The truth about Emanuel yesterday. What can I say, when I just started to watch, I saw some similarities in details: The idea itself: hiring 17/18 y. o. nanny for a doll + mother lives seemingly perfect life but in reality suffers from her tragic experience Frontal shots of the young girl's face Using baby monitors (although they didn't explore this theme much in the movie) Using water as a symbol The scene when Emanuel first meets the doll is a bit similar to the scene when Leanne first meets Jericho (diaper changing) Family dialogs over dinner with some fancy meals (although again the movie doesn't go deep with it) The mother became somehow motherly figure for the young girl (Dorothy goes shopping with Leanne, the mother in the movie borrows a blouse to Emanuel) I think that is all small details that I noticed. As the movie progressed, it turned out to be absolutely different from Servant. Absolutely different! The focus of the movie is two women who cannot face their losses and at the end they will help each other to live further. The story is linear and simple. The focus of Servant is completely different (who even knows what this show is really about? 😁. Yes it is also a story about the loss and grief but it is told in completely different way. It is more complex, with plenty of different layers, well you all know. Despite these similarities, I don't think that creators of Servant were somehow inspired by the movie. It was mentioned in this sub, reborn dolls are creepy as hell and they scare people for many years. Of course there will be more than one movie that explore this theme. A few other similarities are simply connected to the reborn doll itself: using baby monitors that never picked up any baby noise, changing empty diapers. That is not ripoff, that is simply the way to present the doll used as a substitute to a real baby. Water is a hugely exploited symbol (and symbolism in Servant is much more complex) Family dinner that represents bad situation inside the family is also very common and simple. Overall, from the staring point "hiring a nanny for a doll" Emanuel" and Servant head to completely different directions, with different mood, different ideas, different storytelling manner. Was the idea stolen? Well, the idea is not so brilliant that no one else could come up with it. But i do believe the lawsuit will bring some money to Francesca Gregorini.

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Free full women of the bible movie. Free full women of the bible song. One time, I saw this inspirational quote on the internet. {That sentence alone describes my Moms entire home design philosophy. The one I saw was: “Be the person you needed when you were younger. In terms of phrases that might end up on an upcycled pallet board, this shit was created in a lab. I looked it up and a writer named Ayesha Siddiqi wrote that on Twitter. Heres a fun science fact: this sentence was cross-stitched within a single second of Ms. Siddiqi pressing “Submit” and has torn through Pinterest and Etsy like syphilis through Victorian London. I actually do find this quote to be very inspiring. You see, when I was younger, I went through an Earth-shattering change in my life: I lost my faith. Not just any faith you see, nothing casual like that liberal preacher Billy Graham used to peddle. No sir, we were down home, God-fearing, suit-wearing, children-beating, sex-shaming, gay-bashing, Disney-boycotting Christians and we were damn proud of it too. I mean dang. Dang proud of it. From the time I was born until the age of 20 I went to church, school and college on the same campus. I was at this place 6 days a week MINIMUM and oftentimes the full 7. We had Bible class and a Chapel service IN SCHOOL. I learned Creationism in science class. I walked suburban streets as a child, knocking door to door to try to lead lost souls to the Lord. Imagine just getting home from a long day at the office and as youre getting out of your car, a teenager in a poorly fitting dress shirt that looks like a picnic table walks up to you and opens his sales pitch with “If you were to die tonight, do you know if youd go to Heaven? ” Thats right, making people face their own mortality and the dread of an uncertain afterlife was MY OPENER. We had a very specific answer that the person needed to say which was, basically, that they went to my church or one very much like it. Anything else was insufficient and the person had to be converted. I remember one time, AS A CHILD, I looked a GROWN ASS WOMAN in her face and told her that being a lifelong Catholic meant she wasnt going to Heaven because Catholics dont believe in Jesus the right way. I once walked the beaches of Daytona Beach during Spring Break in 95 degree weather in PANTS trying to quote the Bible to hungover college students while trying to avoid broken glass and used needles. Thats how I spent my Spring Break. My family was a pillar of the church, volunteering at several levels of service for most of their lives. I was the star child. The favorite. The goodest of good boys. The kind of kid you want to bully. Just. insufferable. And also, I was very sick. Invisible, but all too real. I had several undiagnosed mental health disorders. I started cutting myself in 5th grade and Ive written more suicide notes than I have college papers. The people in my life didnt believe in therapy much, we were more into counseling. Counseling is like therapy where the judgment free zone is replaced by judgment that has specific chapters and verses and where the prescription is always prayer. My sickness manifested in a number of ways that were viewed as positive by those around me. I was incredibly anxious and paranoid because I thought the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE (multiverse if you believed comic books) observed everything I ever said or did and was going to list all my sins one by one when I died. So I tried to behave myself with the fear of someone who thinks God is watching them take a shower every night. I took the idea that I could telepathically communicate with God silently to its logical conclusion and thought that God could communicate back. Everyone told me that the still, small voice in my head was God. So when he told constantly told me to kill myself, I assumed it was punishment for masturbating or thinking hateful thoughts about my alcoholic father. I set out to do good, to try and be as perfect as possible to make up for all my sins; all the while knowing that “all our righteousness is but filthy rags” and I could never be good enough no matter what I did. Imagine then that someone that you look up to (lets say your pastor who is spiritual father figure you dont have at home as a totally random example) lets say that person comes up to you and tells you that the GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH had spoken to him personally about your future. God Himself said that you shouldnt follow your lifelong dream of making video games because that would be a waste of the potential God gave you. Instead, you should sacrifice the life you couldve had and replace it with one of selfless, soul-crushing, lifelong service (and likely a good deal of poverty) by becoming a pastor! If that doesnt get the God voice in your head to shut up, NOTHING WILL. [Spoiler: it turns out nothing actually will, but you cant blame me for thinking going into ministry would do the trick. Ill skip the grisly details, but Ill share a small vignette of what I found in Bible College. One day, I was in a class that all the men had to take, no matter their degree track. The women had a mirror class to this one. It was exactly as sexist as youre imagining. This class was specifically geared to preparing men to be Men of God and the topics ranged from practical “this is how to preach a funeral” to the more. politically charged topics like Christian Education. I was told that the liberal media like PBS and Sesame Street poisoned childrens minds. Their goal was to make them believe “Ethical” positions that opposed the Christian worldview their parents were trying to raise them in. Evil concepts like EQUALITY and TOLERANCE. If I were to distill my entire Bible College experience, it would be a quote from my Junior High principal who was teaching us about the importance of educating children in homeschool or Christian School: “Someone is going to brainwash your kids, it might as well be you. ” I knew this man. He lived one street over from me. I had known him and his children my entire life. I had been to his house for birthday was instrumental in my education and now was telling me that my whole life Id been brainwashed. On purpose. And now he wanted me to go do it to other children. The worst part is how loud the round of “AMEN”s were. The majority of those men are in church leadership at this very moment. Doubts had begun to take root long before that, but I believe that day was a turning point. My exit from my faith was gradual, but is marked with sharp spikes of life-changing decisions. Dropping out of Bible College was one. Leaving my church was another. Admitting that I didnt believe in God anymore was, ironically, the easiest one of them all. I dont know what everyones religious experience is like. I didnt find out til I was 23 that there were Cool Christians who drank beer and didnt hate gay people and watched South Park. I have to imagine that its still hard to leave your church, no matter how Cool they are. A struggle is a struggle. But I also dont think everyone understands what leaving a faith like mine is like. You lose everything. Everything you think youll lose: most of your friends, family, your home sometimes. And everything you didnt know you could lose: a sense of security a purpose in life basis for human morality the assurance that there is an afterlife and youll be in the good neighborhood the constant psychic connection with the Creator of the Multiverse who cares about your specific problems the desire to listen to DC Talk your identity A church is, first and foremost, a community. I had hundreds of people that knew me my whole life, that would help me without question, that would bring over under-seasoned casseroles when there was a birth or death. They were people who cared for you without being friends with you simply because you both sang off key hymns in close proximity to each other every week. I took that for granted my whole life until I didnt have it and I have NEVER managed to replace it. Some people are not given the choice or the time to consider the consequences of leaving before they break away. I stared all of that in the face and decided to leave anyway. Before you go thinking thats a brag, that wasnt brave of me, that was stupid. My life became exponentially more difficult. I loved my family and the thought of disappointing them nearly killed terally. How could I abandon everything Ive ever known and find my way in a world that had been demonized since I was born? This is where that quote from the beginning comes in. 10 years ago I emerged from a cave and found a vast world that was as wonderful as it was terrifying. I didnt have anyone to look up to during this time. No one that had blazed the trail that could tell me what comes next. Not that there werent folks out there, mind you. I just didnt know where to look. The exile from a self-contained group like mine is intended to throw you off balance. You were told the world was a horrifying cesspool of sin, and when you were sheltered, it can sure seem like that. There is a cycle in the churches I come from. Children are raised as sheltered as possible, having very little knowledge of the world outside. Hell, theyd outright lie to you. Marijuana can kill you! Having premarital sex once will give you AIDS! Voting for a Democrat will send you to a hell so hot that SATAN HIMSELF feels bad for you! Eventually if these children try to rebel or leave the church, they are released into the wild with no survival skills. In fact, negative survival skills. They have a surplus of naivete and that is fully intentional. The almost inevitable result is that life roughs these kids up. There is no one ON EARTH that parties harder than a Pastors Kid living with 6 other people in a single wide trailer free from his Dads regular belt n Bible sessions. You end up with alcoholics, addicts, unplanned pregnancies, all the result of abstinence-only education and a refusal to even prepare your children to drink and fuck responsibly because that would be COMPLICITY. So these roughed up kids come crawling back like the Prodigal Son (because this story is older than the book it was written in) and convert into the staunchest defenders of the Faith. They took their sabbatical into the world and had every bad thing they ever heard confirmed by personal experience, no further input necessary. Morality is absolute and binary and there is no room for gray or gradients of any kind. They rely on this cycle. It is what perpetuates the whole institution. It is a machine that makes new, fervent, lifelong Christians and if you dont fit into the machine, you are crushed. Right now, there are thousands of queer children and adults hiding and hating and hurting themselves for being who they are. There are children that are beaten and abused in the name of respect and love. There are powerful men who rape children and there are dozens of people behind that man (normal people just like the ones you know) that will hide his crimes to protect the name of God, no matter how many molested children they break. Hes doing Gods work after all. There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a person who does an evil thing with the absolute certainty that they are doing a good thing. When I left, one of the toughest thoughts to wrestle with was that I didnt have a definitive basis of truth and morality. No Bible, no 2, 000 year old Church, no mediocre Science Fiction novels or Tom Cruise. Nothing. One of the deepest barbs I had to pull out was the belief that I was incapable of setting my own values. My own morals and ethics and purpose were spoon fed to me constantly by godly people who had the Only Truth in the Whole World. Im over all that now. Im a 30mumble year old man and Ive realized that Im as qualified as anyone to decide what is right and wrong. If you disagree with what I decide, great! The best ideas get better with discussion and learning with an open mind and there are some Biblical laws that would benefit from that kind of examination. I feel like I have to use my experiences to reach out to those who are doubting and those who have been damaged by the faithful. Im not interested in tearing down religion, but if you cant practice your religion and adhere to basic goddamned respect for other people, your religion is immoral. Your moral authority is bankrupt and actively harmful and you are incompatible with anything resembling a functioning society. Theres too many folks suffering. Im happy for those that find the exvangelical movement or a support group, but my heart aches for those who were like Young Me that feel alone or paralyzed or suffer from self-hatred. I mourn for those who took the route of suicide rather than face any more of the hell they were living in. If youre one of these folks, let me tell you right now: there is nothing inherently wrong with you. Not a thing. Youre not broken. You dont need saving. Youre a person and youll make mistakes and youll do good and youll have problems and youll bring joy and youll cause pain and youll be a beautiful mess start to finish. But who you are, who you love; none of that is wrong. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, full stop. I once planned to dedicate my life to serve congregations of broken people looking for an answer to all their problems. Now, Id like to do the same thing except I admit here and now that I have no answers. I only have my ears to listen, my arms to hug, and my mouth to say “join the club, you blasphemous apostate. ”.

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Since I woke up 9 months ago I have read all of these books. Some PIMOs and ex-JWs dont want anything extra to do with the Borg but I was fascinated with past history and lies. I love autobiographies and relating to JW stories was so refreshing and made me feel less crazy about my own experience growing up. I can get a wee bit obsessed with things too. In my defense I am an avid reader (1 book a week) and I would make great use of my time at the meetings and read many of these on my Kindle. 2 hours a meeting really adds up! I set a cut off date of Jan 1st 2020 and just finished my last ex-JW book a week ago. Moving on to books Ive been too busy to read and books that will help me better myself and trying to learn Spanish for an upcoming trip. I am not going to comment on how well written these books are. Most JWs are so poorly educated its a miracle they are able to string words together that are not all cult loaded language. Hope this list helps some of you: Crisis of conscience - Raymond Franz -Life changing. Former GB member. He didnt criticize the Borg. He just states facts about false Borg policy. The opposite of what JWs think an apostate should be. A+ In search of Christian Freedom - Raymond Franz - Rips apart JW beliefs using the Bible. Helpful if you still consider yourself a Christian. If you dont believe in the Bible maybe skip this one. A Leaving the Witness - Amber Scorah - What its like to wake up in China. She is so intelligent and witty. Such a fun read. A- Exiting the JW cult - Bonnie Zieman Cracking the cult code for therapists - Bonnie Zieman Fading out of the Jw cult - Bonnie Zieman All Bonnie Z books are invaluable. She became a therapist after leaving the Borg. From her life story, to a how-to fade manual to a spreadsheet to give to therapists. A+ Combating Cult Mind Control - Steven Hassan - If you doubt JWs are a cult read this. A+ Freedom of Mind - Steven Hassan How to help others leave a cult. Doesnt deal with how to help born ins. Not very helpful for JWs. C for non-JWs A New Boy - Keith Casaro What life was really like at Brooklyn Bethal. Juicy details and a funny read. B- The reluctant apostate - LLoyd Evans - His journey is pretty interesting. Quite a few laugh out loud parts, especially about masterbation. B- Escape from Jehovahs witnesses - LLoyd Evans - Practical info for those trying to leave. B Eyewitness to deceit - Barbara Anderson - The inside info on long standing pedophilia in the organization. All the way to the top brass. A- 30 years a Watchtower Slave - William J. Schnell - Very thorough history of the Borg. Insights from someone who was a part of it as far back as the 1920s. A long read. B+ The truth about the truth - Daniel Maccabe - Travels through the history of the Borg from Russels divorce to modern day controversy. Includes a list of failed end of the world predictions in the appendix. B+ Shunned - Linda A Curtis - a story of courage! born in. Wakes up in her 30s. Married and fully in the Borg. She has to carve her own path, divorces her husband and is shunned by everyone she loves. B+ Fade from the truth - Alan Miller - His life story. His wife and mother are still PIMI. Full of witty one liners like “You cannot earn salvation, but you have to do a bunch of work for Jehovah to get the free gift”. B+ Toxic Faith - Alexis Davis- Born-in. Quick read. Meh. B- I am Jezebel - Anonymous - Wonderful book written by a PIMO. Great read for women. Girl power for JWs. Quotes like this: “I no longer saw Jezebel as a villain. I saw her as a hero—an independent thinker. A courageous woman who refused to be bullied by misogynists. A strong person who maintained her integrity and died for her beliefs. For the first time in my life, I saw Jezebel as a badass” B+ Out with Consequences - Debbie McDaniel - sexually abused by an elder. Very emotional but surprisingly witty. How to survive and thrive after abuse. A- Growing up in mamas club - Richard Kelly Ghosts of Mamas club (sequel. Richard Kelly Both books are great for those who grew up in an emotionally abusive environment (AKA all of us) B+ To leave a cult - Neil Gardner - a very funny “how to leave” manual. A quick read. B+ Im perfect youre doomed - Kyria Abrahams -Starts off funny and easy to read. Then becomes an incredibly sad and depressing story. Difficult to finish. C- Books that are similar to ex-JW books: Leaving the Saints - Martha Beck. Longer read but the parallels are amazing. Shes well educated so its quite well written. How she gets her family out of LDS. Insights into the religion too. A The Handmaids Tale - Margaret Atwood - So many similarities to being in the Borg and its Margaret Atwood so the writing is top notch. A+ The Testaments - Margaret Atwood- the sequel to Handmaids Tale. I actually think that she may have written this after researching the Borg. There is a character named Shunamite. Not Shulamite “shun”- amite She says in Gilead that they are taught that: “Womens brains are smaller than mens”. Sam Herd is that you? There are women called Pearl Girls who go into stores and leave brochures to try to convert people. Feel free to add others that you enjoyed! Happy reading all 😆.
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So Ive been trying to solve this show bc the suspense is killing me. Plus itd be neat to see how close we are to the truth OR completely wrong, once we see the finale! Anyways, heres my takeaway from what weve seen. OVERALL PLOT: Dorothy suffered from postpartum psychosis where she harmed her baby. UPDATE- Dorothy went into psychosis AFTER she accidentally left him in the car, where she was experiencing extreme exhaustion and PPD, which helped in her actions. From her learning what she did, she slowly descended into a full psychotic break. Since Sean is away for work, Julian checks in on his sister and nephew only to find the baby dead and Dorothy in shock. He calls Sean and they both work together to hide the babys body and to protect Dorothy from the truth. But as a consequence, an already mentally unstable Dorothy is in extreme denial living in a distorted reality, while guilt is heavily overbearing both Sean and Julian, as is seen from Julians heavy drinking and Seans guilt is manifesting in his lost of tastebuds. Then comes Leanne, a servant of God, who is ignorant of that truth and personally feels Dorothy is deserving of another chance to be a mother again. So she swapped the doll with a baby she rescued from a godless home. Leanne, Uncle George, Aunt May and others are followers of a divine mission of saving children from bad people. As is Gods will, supernatural forces are at work in order for Leanne to fulfill her duty and to protect the baby. The introduction of Uncle George was a huge confirmation in this shows continuity of using the narrative of religious vs. the non-religious. So as the truth comes out, Leanne learns her idol, Dorothy, is not whom she believed her to be, hence the shows motto “Doubt what you believe, ” which also touches on many other relationships and characters in the show too. As a result, Leannes revelation could lead to Dorothys awakening and her journey to being reborn in the name of the Lord bc she committed sin for killing her baby, whether it was unintentional considering Dorothys psychotic state of mind. However, will Leanne now question whether she should still stay seeing that the new baby could be in danger (there was hints of her contemplating the babys well-being when Dorothy first betrayed her as she said something along the lines “he never cries with me, only with her) or even that Dorothy is actually unworthy of her work, as Uncle George strongly suggested. READ MORE BELOW TO SEE WHAT SUPPORTS THIS. M. N. S. had confirmed in an interview that its a biblical story in a contemporary setting, so most of my logic is based on religious references and this theme. Leanne basically represents those faithful to the Lord, while the Turners and the other characters are the faithless. As soon as Leanne enters their home, supernatural forces may be at work: • Being a servant to God, Leanne is free to act within the bounds of Gods will, so she exhibits powers of resurrection as we saw in the case of the cricket and stray dog • Once Sean found the baby and wanted to leave the house with him, the code wouldnt work as if divine forces were protecting the baby from him. Its Leannes divine duty to protect that child. As was evident again when she (with the help of Wanda) wanted to protect the baby from Julian when he was tasked to babysit • When Sean destroyed the cross, splinters were a direct consequence to his actions since he lacked the faith in God. SIDE NOTE: since Wood was that episodes theme, Uncle George gifting Sean in a later ep. with a wooden chef puppet definitely has some meaning • Leanne went to the basement and the ground suddenly cracked. Perhaps this was God warning her about something sinister that has happened in the basement, whether the real baby Jericho was buried there or other bad doings occurred since the Dad showed up talking to Julian about there being “too many ghosts. ” Plus, Leanne soon after watches a sermon on TV where the preacher talks about the ground opening up and swallowing the sinful straight down to hell • When her grave was discovered, it read 2001-2007, which means she was 6 when she died. Perhaps, she was resurrected after being chosen by God OR her death was staged to be saved and was raised by Uncle George and Aunt May soon after AFTERTHOUGHT: When religion is involved, its a matter of ones perception on faith because many things that have happened could be easily taken as supernatural forces or nothing otherworldly took place at all. The cricket and dog never actually died, the ground cracked because the foundation is actually falling apart, Sean not knowing the code was just a fluke and Leannes death was staged, so she was never resurrected. Its just all coincidence. But, the splinters is the only phenomenon thats more challenging to write off. Another strong point to support the religious vs. non-religious narrative, “Religious Leanne“ vs. the “Atheist Turners“) comes down to simply how they eat: • Leanne eats canned tomato soup every day which reflects how simple sustenance is the godly way, whereas the Turners eat unclean food at every meal (eels, rabbit, fish, lobster, mussels, pork, etc) and their rich diet of extravagance and abundance is seen as sinful. • Also, when Uncle George stayed for dinner, he completely eliminates any presence of flavor in his chicken. He wipes up the sauce and insanely twists his chicken to rid of any left over “extravagance” in which shouldve been just plainly cooked based on his religious beliefs. As a servant of God, Leannes mission along with Uncle George, Aunt May and other followers (Wanda is recruited after their encounter) is to rescue children from godless homes and to salvage families in general, which is what they did with the new baby Jericho and placing him in Dorothys care, whom Leanne personally sought to: • In ep1, Leanne stepped out and this is when the new baby Jericho was swapped with the doll • Uncle Georges response to Dorothy during dinner when she asked what he did for a living, he replied “Salvage” which means rescue • the news coverage of an abduction on Allegheny, these children are being “saved” by the followers of this mission and are being placed with good people, instead of living in godless homes only to become godless themselves. Its a cycle. Side note: theme in Boba. Everything comes full circle. • During their last exchange between Leanne and Uncle George, he mentions there are others more deserving of her help, but “youll be abandoning them for this? For her? ” I think hes pointing out that more children need to be saved. But because of Leannes personal affections and her connection towards Dorothy, she chooses to stay since she believes Dorothy to be worthy and good • “Children are the Future“ is the name of the segment where a young Leanne was interviewed • “Take the child under our wing, if were good people. ” Said by Uncle George to Julian is another indication of their mission to save children from godless homes and also suggests only good people are deserving of having/raising children • The news segment involving children being taken away by CPS from a drug infested home, Leanne smiled • Uncle George is aware something evil and sinful happened in that home and deemed the Turners home godless, unworthy of Leannes work and dedication to the Turners, Uncle George sleeps in the crib because it is the ONLY safe place free from sin • Julians dad showing up and talking about the same plan that actually is in effect, is foreshadowing the mission, but his way is the complete opposite of being religious since Anders is on the black market, probably kidnapped from a good family- just another supporting factor that contributes to the Faithful vs. the Faithless theme Despite her bubbly theatrical personality, which I feel is to mislead the audience, Dorothy killed Jericho: • Dorothy succumbed to postpartum psychosis causing in Jerichos death. Obviously, she is suffering from PTSD and as a result, her reality is distorted and is in severe denial. • Typically, women who suffered postpartum psychosis had history of mental illness. I think the gap in her news DVD collection from 2011-2017 may be because she was out of work due to experiencing mental health issues after having 5 back-to-back miscarriages. So now, her value at work has declined considering that shes still mentally unfit and Isabella is rising to the top. Side Note: there also could be a connection to Leanne first meeting Dorothy in 2011 and how Dorothy stopped working in the same year too • When Leanne finally learns the truth of her idol, she intentionally breaks the pearl necklace and swallows it. Its a power move and is also a religious reference to where pearls resemble things of value so perhaps she felt Dorothy was no longer worthy of it • Dorothy offering a prayer at the haggis dinner with Natalie shows shes slowly embracing the faith and right after Uncle Georges exit, she immediately wants to baptize the baby. This may be her way of being Reborn. That word has been thrown out a lot and its the 1 ep. title. After all, being a born again Christian is all about second chances! Leanne is also constantly lead into temptation: • She succumbs to drinking wine and starts marveling at Dorothys rings and is overall, enjoying their materialistic ways of living • After witnessing Dorothy grab Seans crotch, Leanne repeated the same gesture to Julian • After feeling sick and fainting from Sean kill an eel for dinner, she then surprised Tobe by killing an eel herself and enjoys eating it, amongst the other unclean food Sean has prepared • Probably for the first time, Leanne experienced betrayal at the hands of both Dorothy and Wanda. Dorothy sent Leanne on a fools errand only to rid of her so she can peacefully have sex with Sean. Leanne is so upset by this, combined with learning that Wanda wasnt actually befriending her, she was only hired to do so by Julian, her rage almost cost the life of Olivia by taking so long to deliver the Epipen As a consequence from her temptations, Leanne is praying constantly to stay true to her faith and mission, while also reading specific passages in the Bible to guide her way living with the Turners and the secular world: • she writes Dorothys name on a page detailing the story about King Saul and David, where David was chosen to replace Saul as THE servant of God, and consequently, Sauls jealousy is what drove him to his death. • In a sense, this story is relevant to Leannes relationship to Dorothy. Leanne is struggling to be True like David and doesnt want to succumb to sin like Saul, as I feel Leanne has always idolized Dorothy since she was young, as seen when Leanne watched a news clip of her as a young girl being interviewed by none other than Dorothy herself. • Plus, she chose to be with Dorothy because “she knew shed be happy here” from what Leanne told Sean when he asked “Why us? ” And perhaps, Leanne reads this to help her keep focus to not feel anger or hate towards Dorothy, especially after feeling betrayed by her. • She read a passage about incest and wrote Seans name down. They shared a special moment as Sean and Leanne bonded over creating caramel popcorn crickets. He told her “I couldnt do this without you. ” Leanne blushed and soon after, we see her in her bedroom, flagellating herself bc shes experiencing affectionate, romantic emotions towards Sean. This suggests that Leanne and Sean are somewhat related. • Another subtle clue to support this is when Uncle George came to visit and during their dinner, he says “ Sometimes people need a firm hand to know their place. ” Dorothy quickly adds, “yes, thats exactly what Sean says! ” Leanne and George shared a gaze. So George instilled that saying to a young Sean. The saying itself is suggestive to how people have their own roles to play and strict guidance is needed to keep people from straying. Side Note: Maybe theres a connection with this and the wooden doll. Sean is somewhat a puppet and George is pulling strings on his life bc Sean was a child from their mission. I also question why Dorothy avoided Leanne asking her how her and Sean met. Everyone is drinking the guilt away: UPDATE- Sean and Julians guilt is NOT from covering up his death and Dorothys involvement, but bc they both made bad decisions that led to his demise. Sean choosing career over family and Julian being a self-absorbed addict that chose not to be by his sisters side. • Their daily consumption of wine is to show how theyre literally masking the truth. Especially Julian since hes the first to witness Jerichos dead body or his death itself. I believe Sean was away at the time for work, but was immediately called to come home ASAP by Julian. Theyre overcome with guilt by covering up the real baby Jerichos death • Seans guilt is manifested through his lost of taste. Hes a chef, yet his purpose to enjoy his own craft is gone. Ep. 8 reveals that everyones actions have a consequence, that there is a cycle of good and evil, which is evident in the use of so much symbolism involving circles: • Julians character arc is a big step forward in redemption. He came full circle from being rid with guilt, being completely against new baby Jericho and Leanne, only in the end to confess his truth to her and finally accepting the new baby when he asks Dorothy to hold him. He looks content with the new Jericho in his arms • Dorothys actions will reap consequences now that Leanne knows the truth • Again, Reborn is a theme and has been said often in the show also indicating a cycle or circle of living a life of sin only to be Born Again in the name of the Lord • Doubt what you believe - the shows motto plays on every characters purpose in the story and is a cycle in itself where each of them are tied to one another; Leanne believed Dorothy to be good, Dorothy believes her baby is still alive, Julian doubted Leanne, Sean doubts himself LATEST UPDATE Uncle George is definitely a walking contradiction and his character truly represents the irony in the religious aspect of the storyline: • hes a devout religious man who believes himself to be morally superior and so self-righteous to those who dont share the same faith as him, that hes immediately offensive and rude to Dorothy, a non-believer • his beliefs are so extreme that he chooses himself to be in the crib, a place free of sin, over the baby who he leaves on the floor since he felt that was the only reasonable place to sleep having claimed the Turners house to be godless • he was uneasy to take off his shoes on “unholy” ground believing the Turners to be bad people, its common practice to remove shoes on holy property) yet if he was so appalled at their godless ways, he wouldnt easily just take Seans shoes • hes rescuing kids, yet its still kidnapping, so I wouldnt be surprised if his character arc evolves into a villain type person and its revealed that the mission is actually quite sinister • religious fanatics truly believe they are doing Gods work, but in actuality, they are causing more harm than good in the world (this could be a turning point in the show.

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I stopped even talking to her, since everything I said to her was apparently childish. I asked some relatives why would they have children If they didn't have a stable financial situation. "If we all thought about the pros and cons about having children, we would never have them. So better not to think about it and have them. God will provide" I was furious when I heard this. God will provide? Are you stupid? I thought I was talking to children instead of full-fledged adults. Seeing how motherhood made my mother miserable, I knew it wasn't a path I would take. I started realizing how much freedom, quiet and order were important to me, expecially after a lot of my relatives made me babysit my cousins, making me go nuts every time (I'm not kidding. When I had to take care of my twin cousins I was so overwhelmed with their screaming and crying that I started crying to. So something people need to start realizing is to consider their financial situation when having a kid. It isn't all sunshine and flowers. If you don't have the means to support a child, don't have one in the first place. Don't make someones life a living hell just because you want someone to continue your legacy and whatnot. Sorry for the typos! I just needed to get this out. Have a good day/evening.

Free Full Women of the. A word fitly spoken  is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Proverbs 25:11) Have you ever wondered what a word  fitly spoken  looks like? The Old Testament has many examples of women who spoke words of courage and help and displayed a kind of God-confidence that is to be admired. Consider these ten women in the Bible who were bold and faithful in their Spirit-led interventions and, in their womanly way, were mightily used by God. 1. Zipporah Moses was about to be put to death by the LORD,  but Zipporah wisely intervened  by circumcising his sons and therefore saving his life so he could fulfill his mission to lead Gods people out of Egypt. At a lodging place on the way the Lord met him and sought to put him to death. Then Zipporah took a flint and cut off her sons foreskin and touched Moses feet with it and said, “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me! ” So he let him alone. It was then that she said, “A bridegroom of blood, ” because of the circumcision. Exodus 4:24-26) 2. Deborah Barak was hesitant to obey the LORD,  but Deborah boldly reminded  him of Gods promise to go before them, and the blessings that come with obedience. She sent and summoned Barak the son of Abinoam from Kedesh-naphtali and said to him, “Has not the LORD, the God of Israel, commanded you, ‘Go gather your men at Mount Tabor, taking 10, 000 from the people of Naphtali and the people of Zebulum. And I will draw out Sisera, the general of Jabins army, to meet you by the river Kishon with his chariots and his troops, and I will give him into your hand? ” ( Judges 4:6-7) 3. Manoahs wife Manoah was tempted to fearfully overreact after a visit from God,  but Manoahs wife calmly and insightfully   encouraged him with words of faith. Their promised son Samson would evoke longing for the greatest promised son, Jesus. And Manoah said to his wife, “We shall surely die, for we have seen God. ” But his wife said to him, “If the LORD had meant to kill us, he would not have accepted a burnt offering and a grain offering at our hands, or shown us all these things, or now announced to use such things as these. ” ( Judges 13:22-23) 4. Ruth Boaz was kind to pray for Ruth, that she would receive protection from the LORD,  but Ruth humbly called  Boaz to recognize that he was Gods choice to provide that protection. Ruth became the mother of Obed, grandfather of David. Spread your wings over your servant, for you are a redeemer. Ruth 3:9) 5. Hannah The Priest Eli was unable to decipher the difference between a rambling drunk and troubled woman seeking the LORD, but Hannah gently corrected him and opened his eyes  to see how God was at work. Gods answer to her prayer, her son Samuel, became a great prophet who would anoint David as king. As she  continued praying  before the Lord, Eli observed her mouth. Hannah was speaking in her heart; only her lips moved, and her voice was not heard. Therefore Eli took her to be a drunken woman. And Eli said to her, “How long will you go on being drunk? Put your wine away from you. ” But Hannah answered, “No, my lord, I am a woman troubled in spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have been pouring out my soul before the Lord. Do not regard your servant as a worthless woman, for all along I have been speaking out of my great anxiety and vexation. ” Then Eli answered, “Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition that you have made to him. ” And she said, “Let your servant find favor in your eyes. ” Then the woman went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad. 1 Samuel 1:12-18) 6. Abagail David was angry and ready to commit murder,  but Abagail discretely appealed  to him to do the right thing and leave vengeance to the LORD, protecting David from the folly of his temper. David said to Abagail, “Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me!  Blessed be your discretion, and blessed be you, who have kept me from this day from bloodguilt and from working salvation with my own hand! ” ( 1 Samuel 25:30-33) 7. The Wise Woman of Tekoa David was unwilling to forgive his son,  but the wise woman of Tekoa helped  him to see that reconciliation was better than banishment. Then the woman said, “Please let your servant speak a word to my lord the king. ” He said “Speak. ” And the woman said, “Why then have you planned such a thing against the people of God? For in giving this decision the king convicts himself, inasmuch as the king does not bring his banished one home again. ” ( 2 Samuel 14:12-13) 8. The Wise Woman of Abel-Bethmaach Joab was prepared to destroy an entire city because of one guilty man,  but the wise woman of Abel-Bethmaach entreated to find a peaceful solution, saving many lives. Then a wise woman called from the city, “Listen! Listen! Tell Joab, ‘Come here, that I may speak to you…They used to say in former times, ‘Let them but ask counsel at Abel, and so they settled a matter. I am one of those who are peaceable and faithful in Israel. You seek to destroy a city that is a mother in Israel. Why will you swallow up the  heritage of the Lord? ” Joab answered, “Far be it from me, far be it, that I should swallow up or destroy! That is not true. But a man of the hill country of Ephraim, called Sheba the son of Bichri, has lifted up his hand against King David. Give up him alone, and I will withdraw from the city. ” ( 2 Samuel 20:16-21a) 9. The Shunammite Woman The Shunammite womans husband was content to merely provide a meal to Gods servant Elisha,  but the Shunammite woman proposed  that they show real hospitality and were rewarded in the birth of their son. And she said to her husband, “Behold now, I know that this is a holy man of God who is continually passing our way. Let us make a small room on the roof with walls and put there for him a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp, so that whenever he comes to us, he can go in there. ” ( 2 Kings 4:9-10) 10. Esther Mordechai urged Esther to use all of her influence to change the Kings deadly decree,  but Esther humbly requested  that first all the Jews in Susa gather for three days of fasting, demonstrating her belief that only God could save her and her people. Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai, “Go, gather all the Jews to be found in Susa, and hold a fast on my behalf, and do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my young women will also fast as you do. Then I will go to the king, though it is against the law, and if I perish, I perish. ” Mordecai then went away and did everything as Esther had ordered him. �� ( Esther 4:15-16) Fearless Faith in Jesus Did this list surprise you? These wise and faithful women intervened for the good of others, some at the risk of their very lives. Im encouraged to read how the Bible is full of bold, godly women who respectfully used the influence given to them to rescue, protect, and guide. May we all embrace the quick-thinking of Zipporah, the diplomacy of Deborah, the insight of Manoahs wife, the exhortation of Ruth, the gentle correction of Hannah, the discretion of Abagail, the clever speech of the wise women of Tekoa and Abel-Bethmaach, the hospitality of the Shunammite woman, and the courage of Esther. These women of the Bible knew the greatness of their God and had a boldness of speech to match, and while Im grateful for their particularly feminine example, they all fell short and needed a Savior, just like you and me. Therefore, I know I can pursue this kind of faithful courage with confidence only because of the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the word made flesh, he spoke up for me by dying in my place on the cross, and he rose again to give me an eternal hope so that I never need to give in to fear. Because he sent Jesus, I can be confident in Gods love for me and, by his favor, I can pursue the godliness of the courageous and faithful women of the Old Testament, as many saints both dead and alive have done before me. And by his Spirit, my voice can provide words fitly spoken for his glory. What characterizes the women you know whose words display godly feminine courage? This article was originally published on. Used with permission. Rachel Lehner  is married to Peter, has four children, and serves in women's ministry at The Orchard Evangelical Free Church. Among other things, she loves helping with math homework and reciting Dr. Seuss from memory. Publication date: June 6, 2016.

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