Pay Cheap USA Camp Takota

January 7, 2020, 7:45 am

Camp Takota


Mamrie makes me cry laughing. Overall I had a very satisfying experience watching this film, and was able to look past some obvious flaws to enjoy it.
I just can't be the only one who thinks that the plot was overplayed. It wasn't just the recycled storyline that got to me, because it really could have worked, what got to me was how much of it fell flat. Maybe I expected more from the fantastic Mamrie and friends?
There were so many things about this movie that worked amazingly well. It had boatloads of charm and humor. Mamrie, Hannah and Grace had obvious chemistry (of course. I just feel they should have included more of what worked, and less of what didn't, e.g., the romance.
I don't think the romance worked well at all. It was too obvious and lacked any real chemistry. I got more out of watching Maxine and Chet than I did from Elise and Eli. I think they just used the romance as a crutch, when they didn't even need one at all, they had so many other things working for them.
They should have focused more on the camp, the friendship, and the comedy. Those were the things that worked fantastically, and for me, made up for the second-hand storyline.
On my first viewing I noticed the things that made me cringe, but they were more than made up for by the few perfect moments. It was the second viewing however, that got me bummed. There were so many great things about it, and it had the potential to not just be the okay feel- good movie it was. It could have been a true gem. Maybe a sequel will be.

The ripping noise means 'That's okay! The hair grows back…' Oh Grace, please never change. Regrets i know that feel mamrie... we all do. I watch this everyday. Everyday. Chester pls. When Mamrie and Hannah busting out puns and Grace is just licking the glass zoned out! These 3 = perfect. I'm so re-watching the movie right now! D. Revisiting this iconic piece of history after the new one tbh. Lol O.O I impressed myself. OMG Sid & Marty Croft still exist? My childhood lives. ' being a girl rules. D. Idk why but I nearly cried omg I'm so excited and I'm so proud of them. 😭😭😭😭😭. WHY CAN'T I LIKE THIS MULTIPLE TIMES. I LOVE IT YOU LOOK AWESEOME. 'OW motherfucka' hahahha. I feel like I just watched the movie already. Is it just me. Or does Grace remind anyone else of Sandra Bullock? She could become the new Sandra Bullock in the acting world.

OMG YAAASSS! Gonna watch this fo' sho

Lol More adjectives, please. I impressed myself   hahaha, love it. At the end of this video I realized I had been smiling for almost 5 minutes straight. This movie makes me too happy. THAT LOOKS SO GOOD. The trailers not really well put together... Whoever edited this isn't very good... I bet the movie is so much better. This trailer doesn't sell.

They're really going with the one of the duo has the fame rise to their head while the other feels under appreciated shtick huh... well let's hope that's not a big part of the show, cus it looks cool.