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HOPE The Project - „HOPE What You Eat Matters“ – by Nina. I was fresh out of college and desperately looking to start a career that didnt involve serving burgers, wiping down storefront shelves, or bringing stuffy old businessmen their coffee. On average, I was applying to six jobs a week and going to maybe half as many interviews. I knew my major in English wasnt likely to be met with high demand, but I honestly thought my options would prove more promising. Still, I remained optimistic, persevered, and only applied to comfortable office jobs with b.


Within a minute, the memory had been wiped from his troubled mind. It hardly took any effort from my side, but the results were immediate. I could visibly see the look of ease wash over his pained face, as the heavy weight of remembering was taken off his shoulders. I, on the other hand, felt shivers surge down my spine as the events unfolded in the back of my mind. The memory of his childhood abuse, the broken bones and bruises, an image forming in my mind's eye as if it happened to myself.



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