Watch Movie Hobbitten: Dragen Smaugs ødemark 1280p directors Peter Jackson mkv tamil

January 20, 2020, 10:13 pm






Agreed to watch this with a friend who treated. I felt bad that he covered me for this 160 min bloatfest. It's computer generated imagery is mostly poor, and worse, it is excessively long with too much dialog. It effectively fleeces audiences along with it's prior and future brethren- movies. This "Adventure" has shamelessly been broken into 3 movies, when a single movie could easily suffice. I have not read the original book content, but the movie has a scant few visually excellent scenes that can't save all the blue screened backgrounds, running around, and video- game action scenes with orc after orc. (Major Spoilers) Only Redeeming scenes are with Gandolf engaging Sarin, and the mountain furnaces being turned on with the dragon. That's maybe 15 min of runtime. Orcs have become old and tiresome. Can't recommend 5.5/10.