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I thought it was pretty good. I like this kind of stuff. LMAO! like anyone says Ima' bootleg the hell out of this... Funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. They r good actors. Believable n not too over the top. Not too over dramatic either. What mean. This would probably make a good found footage spoof movie even though there are a few already out there, but no disrespect to found footage because I love paranormal activity. You could see what was going to happen in this movie, as soon as they hired the creepy guy. Bullshit :D. Hahah I love it. Especially because I just did a found footage web series! Hahah, You can watch it if ya want. It's pretty good. At least I think it is. But I'm bias. um it's called, Chronicles of the Dead - Apocalypse Part 2. Anyway, Keep it up guys.

Kinda injoyed this film, especially when you know, soon as you see this creep. Nothing going to end well 😬. This was epic. I feel like this had a lot of potential, but just didn't end up where it needed to be. Still pretty funny though. Mehr let ' s danke👍💙. Good Question... Why are we using Google Plus.