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January 16, 2020, 7:05 pm





I love the accent and I also love the movie and Michael Fassbender. Omg just saw it great movie, some real unexpected shit near the end haha. I just watched this movie on lifetime. It was very good. I could see this happening for real in LA and an economy like ours. Reminds me of the movie Requiem for a dream. The song at the end is practically what happened in Angus, Thongs and Perfect snogging. You just spoiled this great movie for me.


LOL @ Miley Cyrus's new movie - Rotten Tomatoes.

NOOO. better the french version! it's the same, OMG xD


This is soooo bad I won't mention the actors and give them a break. At least some of them. First of all it's another stupid film where the lead, a dumb bimbo goes around looking terrified. So terrified that she suddenly pulls out this huge gun from her purse. Nice going, idiot. She runs around with her too long bleached hair blowing in the wind and does no acting at all. I do believe Alexandra Paul stars in this. Don't know the bimbo but she's awful.
Won't go into the plot, which is so overdone as the acting it isn't worth it. LMN once in a while brings us some good work. But most of the time they cast these vacant blondes, some definitely over the hill for playing a young lead who go around with long blonde tresses and a cell phone. And that's the plot to most of these soap films that makes one puke.
The problem is that they are so bad that you can't change the channel. You are too busy laughing at the acting. So, keep it up, LMN, you never disappoint us with your silly plots and bad acting.

Miss Dabney.







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