January 9, 2020, 5:14 pm

Creators William Craft Le Squatch: Master Criminal 2.0


Fun little movie made locally in the Kalamazoo area, starring talent from around Michigan. Some of the actors can be seen in other feature films, and some in upcoming feature films... you can say "I seen them here, first! The camp of the TV Show, but rated for movies. Don't miss Count Chokula or Bain-ish. 2 greatest Supervillains to ever live! And Joker and Harleyquinn the 2 most INSANE that ever lived. Harley's maniacal laugh will bite you to the bone! And the Fatbat. he's no Ben Affleck! Wohoo! He plays it straight, to loads of laughs! And you can't forget about the lovely ladies, Rebecca Dent, Victoria Gordon, Bat Chick, and the wickedly evil Selina Kyle. Enough Villains for 3 movies,and all are played to the hilt! The Squidler, Bainish, Count Chokula, Femme Vader, Penguin, Joker, Harleyquinn, Catwoman, Black Mask, Raymond Sionis, Ma Parker, and even a Pistol Packing crooked Bank Manager.


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