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January 12, 2020, 8:43 am



When Sam came out with the American flag wrapped around him tears just ran down my face. Beautiful movie. I can listen to this story all night long. One of the greatest endings to any film ever. Sometimes you stumble upon a film that sounds okay but doesn't grab you but you watch anyway and this is one of those films. A sparkling and amazing tale about real people suffering real (or imagined) problems and living with them or dealing with them in the real world.
Wonderful writing, great acting and superb casting make this film almost like a documentary and I watch the Oscars and I scratch my head and think: what the hell were they watching? Surely they watch more films than I do because this is a belter and the Academy should be ashamed of themselves for not shortlisting it.
Anyway, watch it.

THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS! he. he was so cute in this movie ahsjs 💘💘💘. THE. ACTING.