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January 15, 2020, 3:21 pm




Amateur Teen Homemade and Amateur Videos Page 1 at. Real amateur teen videos FREE in HD. The story follows a group of Swiss boys and girls in their mid- teens. They all go to the same high school in Zurich and seem like your everyday sorts of teenagers. However, their outlook is largely shaped by external influences and vices, eg porn, drugs, social media, peer pressure. This leads to some dramatic actions and consequences.
Not a new subject - pretty much a 2015 update of Larry Clark's Kids, in a Swiss setting. Is quite sensitively done though. While Kids was good, it teetered on the brink between a profound story and creepiness. Niklaus Hilber, the director of Amateur Teens does his best to be confronting without turning the movie into some cheap titillation exercise, and does so very well.
The stories are honest, realistic and engaging yet the tone is not overly judgmental. The kids have redeeming qualities, to an extent, and there are enough examples to show that not everybody is like this. There is some hope for the youth of today.

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