January 2, 2020, 4:44 pm

Holy Ghost Reborn


Todd you have changed my whole life. I thought I knew what it meant to be Christian before I started watching you. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for blessing us with your teachings Todd. My Lord and my God. Yes Jesus is my Savior πŸ™. No comment. How come you never interview real pastors. Wow what an amazing story, it made me tear eyes. I felt so happy when he explained how Jesus looked. I'm so happy. I LOVE the movies that Darren Wilson has done. He is breaking past the religious fluff and glass ceilings to see how far God is willing to take His love into every corner of the world. It may mess with mind sets and theology... and that is gonna stir things up and cause some pain to people who are afraid to let God out of the box. That's OK. I see that Darren's team and those he goes with have been protected in some of the most dangerous situations, and God always shows up in power and love. That tells me that this is way more than hype religiosity.

Big News We Are Now on Instagram Brothers and Sisters /with Love. Awesome awesome awesome, i love to see the holy-spirit moving and guiding and touching people, what an inspiration to get out of comfort zones and take risks for love! Praise God, thank you Holy Spirit for your love, power, and touch moving on the earth, oh what a precious gift. When i go to buy for 5dollars, it says its for 2 minutes of video... 2 minutes ONLY. what am i missing... I wanna see the actual footage of that guy singing at 1:29, any one know where. August 9th. That's two months awayyyyy. I am also a turk who believes in Jesus and i see him a lot of times in my dreams.

Not that I'm emotional, but I really cried seeing you going to a black metal concert to reach people. It's like while I was watching God was pouring more of His love for people into my heart. Lord let the people see You in me so they might come to you in Jesus name. Religion. Nothing is more appalling than the killing of others divisions for a God(s. A very ancient exploitation manipulation tactic of the masses the ruling know WELL. God and state. Psychological pairing not by accident. Psychopathic... This is awesome thanks for sharing all Glory to God. Thank you, Yeshua Hamashiach, for Your continued grace and mercies upon Your creation! Hallelujah for You are our only hope in this dying world. Whatever Jesus did in his 33 years on earth and 3 year ministry was to show us the Love, Mercy and Grace of God. Now i have read the comments above and i have to remind you that this is a movie trailer and its main aim it to give you just enough to wet your appetite for the main course. So let's not be quick to judge the documentary but rather wait and get the full context from which the gentleman was speaking in the film. We can perhaps agree that the editing should have been better. God bless you all.

Who noticed the guy SPYING or something on Todd White in the background at 24:22 ? Anyone? God Bless him.





Please pray for my complete healing. I desperately need this. I want to do God's ministry and right now as I am I am not able.
Name of music in 1:50 please.
I've just finished watching. It left me speechless. But still, one question left: where's Jeremy Riddle? He is mentioned in the credits but I didn't notice him in the movie.
This is one of my favorite testimonies. God is great.

God can use everybody for his own knows everything & His thoughts is higher than our thought & no one can give him advice bcoz everything is comes from can do crazy things so stop judging but happy that our God is Love & full mercy on his name forevermore. Can't wait for this film ahhhh. I had a friend who asked me β€œ how do you expect to minister to people if you wont let God heal you?”.

I really want Jesus to help me change my lifeπŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜₯


I've said before and I'll say it again. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Amazing, when did u come to india. Tks for your Life Man! I am Brazilian. Documentary. You are watching the movie Holy Ghost Reborn. Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie? In this emotional follow up to the popular and controversial Holy Ghost, Director Darren Wilson continues his journey around the world in his quest to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. Subtitles in portuguese please.


One thing worth dying for Ohh HALLELUYAH. Just watched it and it was awesome. Dave Hunt. The Love of God I use this a a prescription for healing since Memento Mori! Some say The Bible is full of contradiction. Some will point out the horror of WWI and WWII or war between family members. Evil is tragic. Kids have to be nurtured and taught to respect the folk who shape their conscience. Ideally it is Dad & Mom Can you picture Eve telling Seth, you had two brothers One killed the other and is now a restless wanderer who can't come home. The pain that the earth is experiencing is birth pains. Eve must've suffered having her children, since God told her that was the result of Adam's disobedience. Jesus suffered the ultimate grief to reconcile a fallen foolish race - humanity with it's vanity insanity, and increased calamity. Wise men still seek Jesus! You cannot have intimacy with Buddha, Muhammed, Socrates Confucius Czars Kaiser or your doting mom or dad if they've died. Jesus is alive on His return those who are eagerly awaiting His 2nd Coming will be amazed who they will be glad to see also. I prefer to pursue the absolute truth with folk, so me being a sinner and recipient of the incredible forgiveness that's on offer everyday wants to point folk to the attested historical documents which accelerated my coming to know the Way the Truth and the Life, and the Holy Spirit is a deposit guaranteeing the whole package! I cannot imagine the New Heaven and Earth but if Creation took 6 days and the New Kingdom is still being built then what a prospect! thanks Keith Green.

Jesus heals the mental illnesses to overcome the blood of the lamb without bragging and there is hope to be count on in the future. What we all do is blow it out for Proportion ? It's part of being human to resolve the whole situation. In the beginning God made us in his likeness not to be like him only through his son Jesus Christ to restore everything back to life the way it was. Dude. Who did the score on the movie soundtrack? it's beautiful music. Could someone let me know? Thanks. In Holy Ghost Reborn, the sequel to the popular and controversial Holy Ghost, Director Darren Wilson continues his journey around the world on his quest to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. Although the scope of the film is indeed huge, with Darren filming in the middle of a massive.

Support this movie in October. In USA, the majority of people will say that they are true christians, but how many have the compassion of Jesus shining through them (love, forgiveness, patience, joy. You dont see any pastors doing this. This is the definition of the disciple of Christ.